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A Jill of all trades, I've written for news outlet the Boston Weekly Dig, UndergroundHipHop.com, & for multiple real estate, sales & marketing sites. I've also ghostwritten many posts (not included).

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How to Make a Custom Real Estate Listing Map with Google Maps

Interested in turning the listings on your website into an easy-to-navigate, custom real estate listing map? Check out this article to learn how....

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HouseHunt Network Blog for Realtors - Change Your Business, Change Your Life!

19 hours ago ... By Lolly Spindler. Interested in turning the listings on your website into an easy-to -navigate, custom real estate listing map? Read on to learn ......

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Daily Motivation for Realtors

Whether you’re a wildly successful realtor or just starting out, everyone can use a little motivation now and again. Here's some motivation for Realtors....

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Bad MLS Photos

Check out Bad MLS Photos: the HouseHunt edition. A collection of bad MLS photos turned memes....

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Visual.ly for Realtors

Why is Visual.ly for Realtors? Learn what you can upload and create on the site, and how it can help boost your professional real estate brand....

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Super Bowl Commercials: Will Real Estate Make an Appearance?

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, and with the biggest sporting event of the year comes the most anticipated marketing: Super Bowl commercials....

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Easter Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Easter will be upon us soon, but it’s not too late to put some Easter marketing ideas into action. Here are some great ways to connect with clients....

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The Lead Series: Staying Human Online

By Lolly Spindler We’ve all been guilty of it: losing our human touch when we’re in front of a computer screen. Whether we’re aware of our infractions or not, we’ve all been on both the giving and receiving end of dehumanized contact on the internet. Although it might take a...

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Sell Real Estate Listings Faster with TruPlace

Real estate listings sell 67 percent faster with a TruPlace virtual online home tour than listings without....

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How to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing Online

Check out a little insight on what Realtors can—and should—be doing to effectively boost their real estate marketing online....


Top 55 Real Estate Tools for Agents

Top 55 Real Estate Tools for Agents


BizSugar for Realtors

BizSugar is a website that promotes content by and for small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. Learn why it's great for realtors....


All Cash Real Estate Sales by State

Where in the US are the most all cash real estate sales taking place? See how your state sizes up and learn how common all cash sales are....


Boomerang Buyers Return

Boomerang Buyers are returning to the market due to the FHA's reduced waiting period to obtain an FHA-insured mortgage....


Best Real Estate Business Plan

2014 is upon us, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to come up with a real estate business plan for the new year. Use a proven-effective strategy!...